VIE LESA is a non-profit association ("gemeinnütziger Verein")
FROM expat partners FOR expat partners helping them to
                                                                                    re-build their life and *career* in Vienna/Austria. 

Traveling back and forth between the States and Austria, I love working all over the globe – in person and online - and am excited to support VIE LESA (click on the link for further Infos on the association) as an expert for Online Testing and workshop design.

Together, we offer expat partners the chance to get a deeper grip on their potential that can help settling in Vienna/Austria more easily and to benefit from a variety of individualized pschological testing followed by individual coaching based on the testing. Most of the tests are available online and in a big variety of languages – together we will figure out what works best for you.


Download Online Testing_Maria Uhl (PDF-Link) for further information.

Costs: The costs vary by test license in the range of 50 Euros to 200 Euros*. A short report is included in that package. The costs for coaching and discussing your result with the psychologist in person or online are based on an hourly cost at 150 Euros. Depending on your insurance it is covered by them.


….and what is my first/next step?
Simply contact MMMag. Dr. Maria-Christina Uhl, Psychology & Sports

phone: +43 664 50 888 48